E3 Eye Candy

You probably remember Bobby Roache, the sexy chocolate model from Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” video. Lucky for him, the video is up for the VMA’s “Video Of The Year” award, and his 15 minutes has been extended. In an interview with MTV, he talks about his good looks and the bedroom scene that should have been in the “Irreplaceable” video.
Via MTV:

“In my eyes, I don’t really see competition from the guys I see doing videos. The audition was cool. They knew me. But come on: I’m 6-foot-3 [with a] sports background — I thought I was perfect for the video.”
“The video — I heard in some places it already won Video of the Year. But if they would have had the bedroom scene, it would have been something to talk about. Something they wouldn’t forget. First of all, you got Beyoncé, that’s enough said. Then you got me. The majority of
celebrities I see, I’m taller than the majority of them. Don’t you want somebody like 6-foot-3, 200 pounds, muscles? It’s that type of sex appeal I would try to give off in the bed. I’m a man, not no little boy.”

It’s clear that Bobby is feeling himself just a little. And why not, he was the star in a number one video so that counts for something. Maybe next time that 6-foot-3, 200 pound muscle man will get a good speaking role in his next video, now that would really be brag-worthy.
Source: Bossip.com