From The Stage To Hall Of Fame

Rapper and actor LL Cool J has been licking lips, melting females' hearts, and battling lyrical opponents into infinity for years.

Now the legendary emcee will receive his just due by his own peers. The Long Island Music Hall of Fame has chosen to induct James Todd "LL Cool J" Smith into their second annual Hall of Fame, in a ceremony to be held Sunday, October 21.

The event will be hosted by Grandmaster Flash and take place at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College in Queens, New York, appropriate enough for LL, who's repped Queens since he was the first artist signed to Def Jam at the age of 16. In the past, LIMOF inductees have included The Ramones, Mariah Carey, Public Enemy, and others.

"We're thrilled that Grandmaster Flash, one of the first and greatest of Hip-Hop artists, has agreed to help us celebrate Long Island's rich musical heritage," LIMHOF Chairman Richard L' Hommedieu said in a statement.

"We look forward to a great evening in October."

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