Sean Kingston's Myspace Success

R&B singer Sean Kingston convinced music producer Jonathan 'J.R.' Rotem to give him a record deal after bombarding him with MySpace messages.
The Beautiful Girls singer, 17, targetted Rotem's Beluga Heights Record label and, after being added to his social networking page, Kingston's music soon caught the producer's attention.
Kingston says, "I singled him out because he's a new producer, I figured he might still check his own MySpace. Dr. Dre's got 400,000 friends or whatever - he's not gonna check his MySpace. But at that point last summer, J.R. had, like, 10,000 friends. I thought that maybe he still would. I hit him up eight times a day. Kept hittin' him up eight times a day for, like, four weeks. And it worked."
Rotem adds, "Tommy, my younger brother who is the A&R for my record company, was managing my MySpace. He was wading through all the artists who were hitting me up on MySpace. Sean was incessant, and he really stuck out."

Source: Starpulse