The black man in the middle of the the photo above is in fact Oscar nominated actor Robert Downey Jr. … in Blackface! He plays a white actor who choses to play a Black role in the movie-within a movie. The picture is from the new Ben Stiller movie “Tropical Thunder” which is supposed to be a comedy satirizing Hollywood.So E3 poses the question... ARE YOU OFFENDED?
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Anonymous said...

I am in no way offended that he's portraying a black guy in the movie. If it's meant to be a comedy then that's how I perceive it. I actually think he's a brilliant actor...and I think he's kinda sexy too!

Anonymous said...

Why should we anyone be offended? Did everyone forget the movie White Chicks? Or how about the News anchor on the Chapelle Show? Its a comedy for god sakes. It offends me that there are people in this world that are offended by everything and cant see the other side of anything.