Bobby Valentino is on fire right now. Valentino's latest album release is titled "Come With Me" a digital only EP available on iTunes now. This compilation consists of songs Bobby wrote and produced during some free time at the beginning of the year. In a recent interview Bobby states "'Come With Me' is really just me in the studio recording a few tracks, no politics, no label, just music for the sake of music – something to make available to the fans." Valentino adds "these tracks reflect all the sides of me, and what I do in the studio when there is no label involved – and its an answer to what the fans have asked me for, which is more original music."

Come With Me is an album full of mid-tempo jams and occasional club rockers. Bobby V’s voice is good, as the crooner combines an old-school vibe with a new school production. Come With Me is an album worth adding to your music collection.

Bobby Valentino - Sexy Girl