Hosea Chanchez, who stars on the CW's sports comedy/drama "The Game," which was recently renewed for a third season, tells the National Ledger that he has been surprised at the amount of professional athletes who watch the show. "We've actually been told by professional athletes -- and a lot of people in that industry who are trying their hardest to get on our show -- that we're one of the few who got in right," claims Chanchez about the content of the show, which follows the fictional lives of several professional football players and their wives. "It's a complete honor to do something and do it correctly." While Chanchez is admittedly not a football fan, he says there is one athlete he would like to see be a guest star on the show. "I would love to see Michael Jordan come on the show." Now, wait a second! "I know he's not a football player," adds Chanchez with a laugh, "but he is the man."