On tonight's season finale episode of The Game titled Baby Come Back Derwin tracks down Melanie to tell her the truth about how he really feels, which leads to a fight between Derwin and Jerome. Malik proclaims his love to Robin and tells her he's ready for a bigger commitment. Jason meets with the new team owner, Mickey (guest star Brian McGovern), who appears to be more interested in spending time with Kelly than making a new deal with Jason.


yroseb said...

This episode was GREAT! I was so happy Mel and Derwin were getting back together until he found out that other chick was pregnant. Such a disappointment. I hope it works out. I think they are a cute TV couple.

P.S. I saw this on essence network.

E3 said...

That's what's up! I agree with you yroseb. Janay kinda made things difficult for Derwin and Melanie to get back together... Somehow I believe that they all can work it out. Just optomistic like that.