While there is still no confirmed tracklistings for the upcoming albums "Here I Stand" and "Year Of The Gentleman", new tracks continue to surface on the net. Here are some new songs that are speculated to appear on the artist's upcoming LPs.
Usher recently sat done with an interviewer at and spoke about how he has left the club scenes behind him and is focused on his family and career. Usher's favorite part of his new album is an interlude dedicated to his son entitled, Pray For You.

Ne-Yo is set to do a remake for 'Purple Rain' this is what he had to say about it:
[I’m] still reading over scripts trying to figure out what’s gonna be the next move. Fox Atomic has another movie in development right now for me that’s kind of going to be along of the lines of a current-day Purple Rain… Like me playing the role of Prince, and then I don’t know who they’re getting for the other roles. But the script is being written for me right now.
Ne-Yo ~ Nobody


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i think what ever neyo&usher are doind is great all i have to say is nice work you guys.