According to Black Voices two of the most beautiful actresses in black Hollywood are getting a bit animated with their next gigs.
Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long are on board for 'The Cleveland Show,' a spin-off of the popular very adult-friendly animated series 'The Family Guy.' Earlier this week, casting was announced for the show, which will center around the character Cleveland Brown – which is voiced by white actor Mike Henry. Lathan, who starred in films such as 'Brown Sugar' and 'Love & Basketball' will play Cleveland's wife, Donna, while Long, who starred in last season's ABC drama series 'Big Shots,' will voice the character of rebellious stepdaughter Roberta.
Set to debut next year, 'Cleveland' follows the Browns as they move to Cleveland's Virginia hometown and encounter neighbors including a "redneck" named Lester, a family of bears and a British family enamored with the Victorian era.


Amanda said...

HA! This show is going to be the! Sanaa AND Nia are stepping on the scene? Oh I can't wait for this to air. Lol. Both of these ladies are two of my favorite actress' along with Femi Emiola. She's new on the scene, but she's earning her stripes starring in Toyota's "If Looks Could Kill" series.

The webisodes follow an aspiring fashion designer, Bianca turner (played by Femi Emiola, Wicked Wicked Games), who is a prime example of a woman who’s got it going on. I’m talking the dream job, the man who’s got all the ladies drooling, and the spice to keep it all together. Think James Bond meets Sanaa Lathan in “Something New”, Bianca is the girl who isn’t afraid to run in her Louboutin Heels!


The last episode-The Sell Out- has been available since 7/21, but it’s not too late to catch up and tune in. I work with Toyota, so take my word for it. I’m sure that you’ll be reeled in, so don’t be surprised when you are. Also, don’t forget to hit me up with the scoop on your thoughts, or comments from others, about the webisodes.

Looking forward to the chit chat!

Amanda Clouden
ILCK Ambassador