They may have had to take sides on the court during the recent 2008 Wimbledon Championships, but tennis stars and Jehovah's Witnesses Venus and Serena Williams must remain neutral when it comes to politics. "I'm a Jehovah's Witness, so I don't get involved in politics. We stay neutral. We don't vote," Serena says. However, she did admit she is happy about Senator Barack Obama's success thus far and she says she should vote for him "if it wasn't for my religion." Sister Venus says what she does in tennis and when she helps people through UNESCO and other agencies "isn't really political." Jehovah’s Witnesses do not swear allegiance to an organization or nation, cannot join the armed forces, run for political office or vote.


Anonymous said...

I believe you misquoted the Venus sisters. When you said " If it was not for my religion" you implied that the religion does not allow them to vote. A christian religion is based on the Bible. Therefore immitating Jesus' example and the early christian, a christian does not get involve in the political affairs of this world.