Tiffany Evans is back in the studio working on her sophomore album, Ponytail Krush, slated for release on Columbia Records in early 2009. The 16-year-old describes this release as a coming-of-age project, which she calls an “emancipating experience.”
When I sat down with my manager and the record label, I told them I did not want to be limited in the type of songs I recorded this time around. I want to make music for everyone. I describe this album like turning a radio dial and no matter what type of music the station plays, you can find a Tiffany Evans record on the playlist
,” said the pint-sized singer. In an effort to create a universal album, Tiffany Evans titled her new album Ponytail Krush. “Anybody can wear a ponytail. No matter the age, male or female—ponytails are for everybody—just like my music is for everybody,” explained the Bronx native.