Beyoncé’s dog has been causing havoc at her label HQ.
Staff at Columbia Records in New York have had to effectively foster the shih tzu for the past six months. And five-year-old Munchie, named America’s Most Eligible Pet by ANIMAL FAIR magazine in 2005, has brought chaos to their once plush offices. A source in the press department says: “Munchie has effectively taken up residency. Beyoncé left it here towards the end of last summer and hasn’t returned to pick it up.” What’s worse is that the excessively cared canine isn’t fully house-trained. The source added: “Puddles of liquid are appearing all over the office. Staff are taking turns to take Munchie for walks and take it home on the evenings and weekends. Everyone realizes that Beyonce has been incredibly busy recently recording and promoting her Sasha Fierce album. But the whole team will be glad when she eventually takes charge of the dog for herself again.”