Apparently the drama between Angela Simmons and ex-boyfriend skateboarder/”Viva La Bam” star Terry Kennedy (TK) is far from over. Terry Kennedy is now speaking out about his sudden break up with Angela. Only because on Angela’s new show “Daddy’s Girls”, she mentions how she gets dumped because she’s “saving herself for marriage”, or how the guy ends up cheating, and apparently TK couldn’t handle that. So now he’s giving his side of the story by posting a video blog.

Just in case you missed it... here is a brief recap of what went down this summer betwwen the two... Angela broke up with Terry Kennedy (TK) back in August because he was busted for cheating with his ex-girlfriend Brenn Colleen. When Angela got wind of what TK was doing behind her back she joined forces with Brenn and put TK on blast via Myspace. Below is a photo of Brenn (left), Angela, and a friend… posted on Brenn’s private myspace page photo album titled “Exposed”. The caption under the pic reads “So hard to lose when all we do is win”…