Academy Award-winning actress, Halle Berry graces the cover of ESSENCE magazine (for the seventh time!) for their annual Hollywood issue. The 42-year-old actress talks about her two greatest loves - partner Gabriel Aubry and her almost one year old daughter, Nahla.
Halle on her baby girl Nahla:
"When I looked at the stick and saw I was pregnant … I was so happy. I thought I knew love before, but I’ve never felt anything like this." Although Halle loves working, it takes a great script to tear her away from Nahla. "A film has to be really special for me to leave the house. I have to love it. I mean really, really love it."

Halle is head over heels in love with Gabriel, whom she's been with for three years:
"I feel more married now than I did in any of my actual marriages. We live the truth of that and that’s more important than a piece of paper." Will it be forever? She doesn't know but says, "All I know is that at this moment, it feels fantastic."