Etta James to Beyoncé: I'll Whoop Your @ss!

71-year-old, legendary soul singer, Etta James told a crowd at a recent performance in Seattle that Beyoncé was “going to get her ass whooped” for singing “At Last” at one of President Obama’s Inaugural Balls -- and it's caught all on tape!

While on stage Etta told the crowd: “Your President, the one with the big ears... he had that woman singing my song. She gone get her ass whipped.“ She continued, "“The great Beyoncé ... I can't stand Beyoncé.” She went on asking “How dare Beyoncé sing MY song that I been singing forever.”

This comes at no surprise, since Etta James said that she didn't even want Beyoncé to portray her in Cadillac Records, but its seems like Etta is just mad because Bey killed it. Hasn't almost everyone covered “At Last” anyways, so why Hate on Bey!

Wow, Ms. Etta! I guess you’re the real “diva”