Actress Tia Mowry has a lot on her plate in 2008. She’s in numerous projects and is getting married in April. The writer’s strike has had an affect on shows across the board and the CW Network’s The Game is no different. This coming Monday February 4th will be the last new episode of The Game until the writer’s strike is resolved. After that, there is no information on the future of the show, but Tia is staying positive and hoping the second season won’t be its last.

The Last New Episode of The Game
“The Game is moving to Sundays starting February 10th. I want the fans to know that February 4th is the last new episode of The Game as it stands for right now. It’s a great episode. Melanie starts dating this new guy who has nothing to do with football, but what ends up happening is Melanie is actually taken to a Sabers football game and she really doesn’t want this new guy to know about her past and Derwin.”

Growing Up in an Interracial Family
“It hurts me that race always has to be an issue. Why do we always have to play the race card? It’s your character that defines who you are. Not the color of your skin... I am mixed and my mom is African American and my dad is Caucasian. You grow up with a lot of prejudices. I have to say that sometimes you get it from both worlds. When I was in high school I technically would hang out with the mixed kids sometimes because we weren’t considered black enough to hang with the quote on quote black kids. We weren’t white enough to hang out with the white kids. That’s why it is really important to define who you are as a person, not based on your race, your hair color, and that kind of stuff. It is difficult because you really don’t know where you’re placed in this world.”

Tia Mowry on Presidential Candidates Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama
“I have had a chance to sit back and listen to Hilary Clinton and I really like what she had to say, but then also I’ve heard a lot of Obama’s views. To be honest with you, I am pretty much torn because I can say I have a lot in common with both candidates. I am a woman and I would love to see a woman be president. That would just be awesome. But also I would love Obama to be president of the United States. Here is a black man being a leader of our country. I really don’t play the race card, but it is what these people have to offer. It’s your character, your integrity, and what you stand for. That’s the most important thing I look at in a candidate.”
You can catch Tia Mowry in a new episode of The Game Monday night February 4th at 9:30 PM EST. Episodes of The Game will be moving to Sunday nights starting February 10th.