Missy Elliott Got Snacks

Missy Elliott can be heard on Keyshia Cole's hot single "Let It Go" and soon she'll be seen on your televisions slangin' Doritos. That's right, Missy has been chosen to be the pitch woman for Doritos Collisions, a new snack that combines two flavors of Doritos in one bag. So you mean to tell us that we'll be able to get our Cool Ranch and Nacho on at the same time? Where do we sign up?
Missy will debut in a commercial for Collisions on September 17th that will feature the rapper/producer in the lab getting her snack on then being inspired by the two different-flavored chips to create a hip-hop/country song mash up. Hopefully the commercial won't be as corny as it sounds. We'll see.
Let's just hope that after slimming down a few years ago that Missy doesn't go overboard with these new Doritos and pack the pounds back on.

source: Vibe