Shaq Files For Divorce

Shaq calls a foul on wife in divorce papers filed Tuesday in a Miami court, Shaquille O'Neal claimed his marriage to wife Shaunie has been "irretrievably broken," and accuses her of being shady with his cash, reports the Miami Herald.

The couple, who have four kids, tied the knot in a ridiculously lavish Beverly Hills ceremony in 2002. Shaq, who is currently in a contract with the Miami Heat worth a cool $100 mil, claims that his wife has been "secretive about her assets," and he has asked the court to order a full investigation into every penny she came into during their union. Shaq also notes that he made Shaunie sign a pre-nup -- which he's asking the court to keep private. As for custody, the jet-setting basketballer requested that the kids live with Shaunie, and that he receive "liberal rights of visitation."

Now is he requesting for her to keep the children so he can mess around with free range? That's such a shame.


Dee said...

I read about this divorce witShaq and Shaunie. I didn't see it coming but he probably feels that she is the only woman he can trust...especially being who he is. But since she is hiding money and assets...he can't trust her. But he is no Jeffrey the Butler...he has done a LOT of dirt...FACT. Me personally, I think he should consider working things out...considering their 6 children (4 together). Is money really worth a divorce?