NSFW: What's The Controversy About?

WARNING!!! The Video In This Post Is Not Sufficient For Work/School (NSFW)

E3 is actually late when it comes to the controversy surrounding "Read A Book". The video is a satire of the destructive aspects of mainstream hip-hop, and was recently aired on BET.
The staff at E3 had a chance this week to sit down and watch the entire video, including the discussion that was briefly aired on CNN.

Now it's your turn (if you haven't already seen it) to watch the "Read A Book" video, plus the panel discussion that aired on CNN.

"Read A Book" Video

CNN Panel Discussion on BET's "Read A Book"

The staff at E3 has their own opinions to this subject matter.
E3 is interested to know what do you think about the "Read A Book" video?


Anonymous said...

I understand that the goal was to send a message by using a hot beat and a catchy rhyme, but actually it just perpetuated the stereotypes of how some people view blacks. Stupid, smelly, dead beat parents, and abusive with alcohol. All that is far from the truth. Why couldn't BET incoporate more PSA or use a video like "What's Goin' On" that incorporated big name celebrities to send a positive message.