On the Danja-produced track, Cassie says she wants to be her man's one and only. “It could go a bunch of different ways,” she said earlier this week in L.A. on the set of her video for “Official Girl.” Chris Robinson directed and the million-selling Lil Wayne guest-stars on the record. “For me, it meant being with somebody, but not really being with them and wanting their confirmation and wanting them to say it out loud: ‘I want to be your official girl. I’ve had a past experience with it,... unfortunately, that situation didn’t work out [for me]. But yes, I’ve been through it, and it happens to a lot of people. So I was happy to be a part of the song” The track, which is written by The Clutch, is the first single off Cassie’s sophomore album, in stores this September. Plus credit goes to Diddy since he was the one who got Weezy to be featured on the song and appear in the video. Peep the clips below for behind the scenes footage.