A story in Florida's Sun-Sentinel reported that Dwyane Wade is facing a lawsuit for breach of contract from former partners Mark Rodberg and Richard von Houtman. Rodberg and von Houtman helped Wade open two restaurants last year and were planning a third. But both D. Wade's Sports Grills shut down in the last couple of months and the plaintiffs are saying it's because Wade didn't fulfill his end of the deal by making the required marketing and promotional appearances on behalf the restaurants.Wade, however, is saying that he did meet his obligations and Rodberg and von Houtman , who are looking for $15,000 and attorney's fees, needed to slow their roll and let the restaurants marinate for a minute before expanding. "If anything, Dwyane has a concern that the value of his name has been tarnished by ceasing operation of the restaurants," Steven Peretz, Wade's attorney, told the Sun Sentinel. "This is an instance where D. Wade called a timeout on the expectation of the restaurants. The pilot restaurants have not shown any record for success."