Actress/producer Meagan Good rocks it out in the latest issue of GIANT magazine.
The Saw V actress is featured in this November issue Giant magazine. Below are some tidbits from the article...
Good on horror movies: “I love horror movies. The Halloween movies inspired me to be an actress. I wanted to be the girl being chased and running from something horrible.”

Good on being a sex kitten: “I want to play roles that people wouldn’t expect to see me in,” she says. “At the end of the day, I’m no sex kitten. Sometimes I’m downright corny.”

Good on staying grounded and not conforming to Hollywood stereotypes: “I refuse to portray any role that disrespects God or myself. As an actress and a Christian, there are certain things I won’t [do]. [It’s when] the role is yours and you’re ready to sign the contract, and at the last minute... they spring on the nudity. It’s heartbreaking.”
Good on ambition and fame: “I realize the only thing harder than getting there is staying there.”