POLOW DA DON: "Me & Ciara Are Like Timbaland & Aaliyah"

Hit-maker Polow Da Don spoke with MTV.com recently about working on Ciara's forthcoming 'Fantasy Ride' LP. During the interview, the 'Promise' producer made an interesting comparison about himself and Ciara and the late Aaliyah and Timbaland:
Ciara's upcoming album, Fantasy Ride, may feature a slew of hitmaking producers... But according to Polow Da Don, only he and CiCi have something special enough to become the new Aaliyah and Timbaland."We both came up and were raised in the same camp," Polow explained to MTV News. "We've known each other for a long time. We actually just have this natural chemistry that I don't even have with some of my own artists. I understand her and I understand what she should be doing," the producer added."And one thing people do say about when I work with Ciara is that I make her sound better than ever," he continued. "I make her sound like a vocalist versus the other stuff she may do that's more performance, where she can get on the dance floor. It's kind of the same thing with Aaliyah. She may not have been the best singer, but her voice was so unique and her sound — she had her own lane, and I think Ciara is like that same thing."